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Jason Gardner, Head Coach at IUPUI

Matt Webster and Indy Hoops run a phenomenal basketball program that teaches my son the important aspects of basketball. Not only does my son love going to practice, he's learning leadership skills, outstanding skill development, and the proper fundamentals of the game. It's important for me, being a former player and now a division 1 college coach, that my son gets quality training and is in a situation where his passion for the game and technique are established early on.

AJ and Tammy Wilkerson

Matt has coached our sons in training, games and summer camps for over 6 years.  Matt has a unique ability to be tough and fair as well as fun and nurturing, bringing out the best in each child.   We have seen our sons grow tremendously in skills, confidence, and basketball IQ.  Matt makes each child feel special and important and teaches them about teamwork, cooperation, leadership, adversity, and determination - all lessons that extend well beyond the basketball court.  Our children are thrilled to be part of Indy Hoops Academy. 

Steve Merfeld, Asst Coach Creighton Basketball

I had the pleasure of coaching Matt Webster at the University of Evansville.  You will not find a better person to work with our future leaders. His knowledge and passion for teaching the game is outstanding.  He is dedicated to making your child the best that they can be!

Mark and Dawn Bailey

Matt Webster, owner of Indy Hoops Academy, and his staff are teaching Cameron not only basketball skills but the importance of practice, teamwork, and sportsmanship while having fun at the same time. Thank you Indy Hoops Academy for your positive influence in Cameron's life.

Anthony Tolliver, Detroit Pistons

Matt Webster is one of the hardest workers I have played against. He never quit no matter how tough his circumstances were and for that I have always had a lot of respect for him.  I was not surprised when Matt decided to embark on a new adventure, founding Indy Hoops Academy.

Phil and Michelle DeStefano

We enrolled our oldest son (1st grade) Will in Matt’s academy in August of 2015 and have stayed in it to present date. We have had an extremely positive experience thus far.

I believe Matt’s teaching experience meshes very well with his coaching experience. This combination seems to give him a knack for connecting with all the participants.

I’ve been impressed with Matt’s efficiency during practices, training and games. There is no wasted time during his training sessions, so an hour with Matt and his staff in my estimation is equivalent to a greater duration at competing programs.

Another thing that has impressed me with Matt is his attention to detail. Not just in training, but in games. I would expect corrective guidance during drills and training sessions (which the kids get plenty of), but I’ve been so impressed with how Matt uses games to facilitate teaching. In-game teaching from Matt has been outstanding. Many times I’ve seen him correct an action and make sure the kid gets an opportunity shortly thereafter to apply his input while it’s fresh.

Additionally, Matt has the big-picture in mind for these kids. His teams are very competitive and while his teams have much success in the seasons and tournaments; his measure of success is much broader than the final score to a regular season or tournament game. In fact, his focus is deeper than simply growth as a basketball player. While I can say that Will’s basketball IQ and basketball skills have grown leaps and bounds under Matt, I believe his overall maturity has as well (of course exceptional parenting is to credit as well J). Matt constantly challenges the boys to develop skills that they may not think are within reach. He does so in a firm yet encouraging manner that my son seems to embrace (prior to being under Indy Hoops Academy, it was like pulling teeth to get him to go outside and play basketball or let us work with him. Now, it’s quite the contrary).

Finally, here’s a quick story that encapsulates much of what I’ve said:

A few Sundays ago our son had a baseball double header prior to his 6 p.m. basketball game. His energy level and body language were a bit off that night during the game. Matt left me a voicemail later that evening asking about Will. He noticed Will was a little bit “off” and wanted to make sure everything was ok. This really hit home with us. Matt had spent that weekend coaching quite a few kids in their games, yet his attention to detail and care for each kid was such that he not only noticed Will’s demeanor, but reached out to us to check-in.

Thank you Matt for all the thought, time and energy you and your staff have dedicated to these kids.

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