Mark Morgan

Strength & Agility Coach

Mark Morgan head shot

Mark is a conditioning coach, personal trainer, TRX suspension training expert and Power Plate certified trainer. He specializes in developing holistic training approaches, which promote lifestyle changes for permanent results in weight loss, athletic performance, strength, dynamic flexibility, balance, proprioception, and whole-body functional strength and power.

Mark graduated from Ball State University in 1998 with a degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. He is also certified by the Level I and Level II Academies of Power Plate North American department of research, development, education and training.

With over 13 years of fitness experience, Mark works with a variety of clients who want to improve themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether training a stay-at-home mom, a young kid trying out for a sport, an elderly client looking to improve bone density, or even an athlete such as an MMA fighter preparing for an upcoming fight, Mark’s ultimate goal is to improve every person’s health and fitness.