IHDL Boys Winter League

Indy Hoops Academy is an independently owned and operated youth basketball program that trains and coaches over 45 teams at a variety of locations just North of Indianapolis.  The company was founded and is run by Matt Webster, a former Cathedral HS assistant coach and professional basketball player.  The Indy Hoops Developmental League (IHDL) programs are for kids from CYO/Private schools to either supplement their CYO/Private school season (4th-8th grade) or to serve as a “pre-CYO”/Private school league (1st-3rd grade).

As the IHDL headed into its 7th year last year, there were further expansions to the program that will continue through the 2020/2021 season.  The 2019-20 IHDL program under Coach Webster and Coach Adams remained focused on fundamentals and skill development and continued to function as supplemental/pre-CYO and program, but also expanded to include some players/teams from select nondenominational private schools.  This expansion to the program was met with much success over the last two years; and therefore, will continue in this direction for the 2020-21 Season.  The IHDL is excited to kick-off the upcoming session and encourages anyone with questions to please call 317-896-0800 or email mwebster@indyhoops.org. Below, you will find descriptions of both winter programs.


Youth League Program (grades 1-3) - REGISTRATION LINK BELOW

  • This program serves as a pre-CYO/pre-private school basketball league. The IHDL professional coaches will run a 1-hour practice/training once a week at either the Best Choice Fieldhouse in Fishers, The Jungle in Westfield,  the JCC, or the Play School in Carmel for each team based on your team schedule and travel preference.
  • The emphasis in this program will be skill development for the players. We believe that skill development will increase each player's confidence on the floor, thus increasing the enjoyment of playing.
  • Each team will play in a league constructed by IHDL made up of primarily pre-CYO/Private school teams of the same age group (1st graders play 1st graders...etc.). Games will be held at the Best Choice Fieldhouse in Fishers on Saturday mornings and will be coached by your pre-CYO/Private school coach.  *no game admission fees in IHDL league


CYO/Private Supplemental Program (grades 4-8) - REGISTRATION LINK BELOW

  • This program is designed to supplement the CYO/Private school basketball season.  Teams will train for 1 hour weekly with IHDL professional coaches/trainers.  These weekly training sessions will focus solely on player skill development.  Then, teams will also be registered to play in the Best Choice Fieldhouse league OR the IYBL at the PAC and Finch Creek (level appropriate and coached by your CYO/Private school coach).
  • This IHDL program designed for 4th – 8th grade CYO/Private school teams will increase the amount of skill development that each player is receiving and allow for competition against different opponents...enhancing the overall CYO/Private school experience and growth of each player.  **IHDL will ensure there will be no conflict with CYO/Private school scheduled games.**

Check Back in the Fall of 2021 for Updated IHDL League Info


Terms and Conditions:

In registering for our leagues, you understand and accept the following terms and conditions in regards to cancellations and refunds:


You can cancel your registration to play on a team in our league for an 80% refund or 100% account credit of amounts paid if your cancellation is made in writing within 2 days after the registration deadline date for the session to which you committed.  If your cancellation is made in writing more than 2 days after the registration deadline date of the session to which you committed, then our “no refunds” policy applies to amounts already paid; and you understand that you are subject to billing for any remaining balances due (per your registration agreement) for the session to which you committed.

No Refunds

Refunds will not be provided for any reason for players that cancel or back-out of a session anytime more than 2 days after the registration deadline date.  These participants will be permitted to continue to attend their team training sessions, practices and games for the remainder of the session to which they committed.